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The Special General Meeting to elect three representatives from the Old Boys’ Association to the Board of Governors was successfully held on Sunday, 7th May, 2017 at the historic Gaffoor Hall. The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of the OBA President, Mr. M. U. M. Azmi. The participation was somewhat unprecedented. It was pleasing to see a large number of Old Zahirians assembled in the spirit of camaraderie and maintained decorum till the last moment.

There were 14 contestants vying for three places in the prestigious Board of Governors. The OBA had appointed Mr. Mass L. Usuf , Attorney at Law and Ex-Legal Advisor to the former Private Department of the President of UAE, as the Presiding Officer. He skillfully conducted the proceedings with composure and professionalism. All the members who were eligible to vote cast their votes and waited patiently till the votes were counted and the results announced.

The Presiding Officer, Mr. Usuf declared the following as elected polling the highest number of votes.

  • 1. Fouzul Hameed
  • Fouzul Hameed
  • 2. M. M. Mohamed
  • Fouzul Hameed
  • 3. Alavi Mukthar
  • M. M. Mohamed

The overall results were as follows:

# Name Votes
1 Fouzul Hameed 230
2 M. M. Mohamed 105
3 Alavi Mukthar 102
4 M.M.K.Namiz 91
5 M. F. M. Arshad 79
6 Feroze Inham 66
7 Riza Abdeen 56
8 Zaheer Marzook 42
9 Tony Lantra 35
10 Naleef Kitchil 31
11 Aslam Thowfeek 22
12 Sakkaf Mueed 20
13 Rushtum 16
14 Salih 8

Mr. Fouzul Hameed received a whopping majority of 70% of the votes. It is considered as an endorsement of past efforts and commitment under his leadership. All of us want to make Zahira a Super A - Grade schools in Sri Lanka, Insha Allah. There are also so many other members who have contributed immensely with their time and services for the betterment of Zahira.

It was like a carnival atmosphere for members. The exchange of warm pleasantries and hugging each other in love and affection were ubiquitous. It is this brotherhood that makes Zahira truly great.